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Bulb Planting Averham Church

Bulb Planting along Church Path

On a lovely sunny Sunday morning after a previous day of torrential rain, some of our youngest villagers together with some long standing residents set about planting daffodil bulbs donated by Mary Snell along the first part of the church path at Averham. Thanks to Simon Pearson of Church Lane who had dug over the ground on the day before in awful conditions. We’re now looking forward to spring to enjoy the blooms.  We hope to plant more further along the path in Autumn 2022.

Bulb Planting in memory of Sally Quince

On Saturday 23rd October, more bulbs were planted in Averham church yard in memory of Sally Quince, a long-term resident of Averham. The bulbs had been donated by David and Muriel Keene and again the village turned out in force.

In total, over 1000 bulbs have now been planted at Averham, thanks to the work of willing volunteers.

The Path lights and the newly planted bulbs were blessed by Rev’ds David and Muriel Keene on Sunday 24th October.